Thanks for checking us out! 

We're super excited about this new venture and we can't wait to see you in the cage and on the courts :) 

We are based in Longmeadow, MA and can be found on the courts at The Field Club of Longmeadow. 

Our vision is to create a great looking lifestyle brand for tennis and paddle lovers like you. 

Look for some fun, new, unique product releases as we head into Spring and into tennis season as well! 




The pandemic has slowed the production of things as well as the delivery times on parcels, as you are likely aware of in other areas of your lives.  

The vast majority of the items (for now) are made on demand, especially for you, the moment you place the order.   

Part of the reason for this is, we'd like to see what works best and hits home with folks like you so we can make sure we make more of it moving forward as we work towards upping our inventory levels in a data-driven way and eventually fulfilling most orders quickly and in-house.   

Because of this, you should expect to receive most items around 9-12 days after you purchase them. 

You will receive emails/texts with your order updates as it processes through the system and ships your way.  

We understand that in this "Amazon World" we live now in, you may be accustomed to receiving things much quicker, but unfortunately, we are very small and lean, so this is just the reality of our current situation and we hope you understand. 



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